Pupil Management Software for schools, clubs and independent teachers

Discover how easy it is to keep everything organised

Database : With T2T you can maintain a database of pupils, parents, governors, and everyone else associated with your organisation.

Registers : T2T provides online registers accessible from within your class, or in the middle of a football pitch. Check children in and out swiftly and efficiently, with their parental contact details just a tap away.

Communication : T2T is a one-stop communications system to handle everything you want - it sends texts, emails and provides secure web pages for each group in your school to visit....

Information bank : All those pesky pieces of paper you have to put into bags, and hope the parents get to read them before the dog! They are a thing of the past...

Use your desktop, tablet or mobile phone

You, your staff and parents can drive T2T with whatever device is to hand - all it needs is an internet connection.

Tell everyone easily - and fast

You, all your staff, parents and children can be immediately informed using SMS texts, email or the mobile-friendly website as soon as it is posted.

Ask a question...

Your parents and other team members can respond to questions you ask very easily, with the replies coming in immediately.

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